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Constance Fairleight

Constance Fairleight offers Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching and Spiritual Coaching/Guidance.

What can I expect from Coaching with Constance Fairleight and ENERGY in MOTION Coaching?

  • Live Coaching Sessions with Constance Fairleight either via Skype or landline telephone
  • Email Support for up to 3 months after you finish your live coaching
  • Exclusive access to the monthly Presence, Passion, and Power Webinar Program
  • There will be periods of uncertainty, excitement, saddness and joy. I promise you the final outcome will be worth it!
  • Changes in your physiology and an increase in your vitality. Are you ready?
  • Clarity about why you do the things you do
  • Increased awareness of what your purpose is
  • Happier more satifying loving relationships
  • Clearer direction in your business or employment
  • A happier, healthier, more fulfilling life!

For more details, please see Constance's web site: www.constancefairleight.com.