Acupuncture with Sam Li

Sam Li extensively trained in Acupuncture


Sam Li graduated from Shanghai Medical University of China. He worked at Central Shanghai hospital as a doctor and later received a diploma from Shanghai TCM university. Sam has also been admitted as a fellow member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association.

In 1988 he established a Chinese Medical Clinic in Sydney. Since 1996 he successfully expanded his clinic into the Sutherland Shire, at Miranda Medical Centre. With his extensive knowledge in both Western and Eastern medicine, Sam Li is able to provide a higher variety and quality of service.

Sam is now a director of Caringbah Healthcare Centre. This gives him more flexibility to work with his patients, combining Eastern and Western medicine, providing much more advanced treatment methods and Holistic therapy to an ever growing appreciative public.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an effective treatment that has been passed down through ancient Chinese culture. The concept is based on the QI (body energy), which travels through the body along pathways called the meridians. Acupuncture involves using needles to release the blocked Qi within the body which causes the illness.

Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture works for people of all ages and is effective for most patients after some stable routine treatments under suitable medical conditions.

What are the benefits from Acupuncture?

Disorders can be cured with a prescribed course of therapy without the side effects of other treatments. Click here for a list of symptoms that it treats.

What would I feel from Acupuncture?

There is minimal pain because the needle points are extremely small. You will feel sensations such as pressure, tingling, heaviness and soreness as this is the feelings of the Qi that has been released from the blockage. Some people might feel the Qi moving into other parts of the body. Responses to treatments vary depending on the body structure and condition of the person, but most people will benefit from the treatment.

Is Acupuncture Safe?

All needles for treatments are disposable sterile needles and are used only once; the used needles are placed in a safe container for disposal. Only highly qualified acupuncturists are used in the clinic to provide the highest standard of quality service possible.

Can I claim Workers Compensation?

If you are under worker's compensation, you will need to obtain a compensation claim number from your insurance provider and a referral from your GP. Treatment fees will be directly claimed from your insurance.